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Contact Lenses in Pearland

Contact Lenses in Pearland

If you have any kind of vision impairment problem, then you know just how important it is to schedule routine vision exams and checkups. Being able to see is important, and being able to do so comfortably and clearly is essential for those with vision issues. If you already have prescription lenses, it’s still necessary to have your eyes checked once in a while to make sure that everything is in check, but if you want to make the switch to contact lenses then you will need to schedule a specific kind of exam. Here at Todays Vision Pearland, our contact lenses in Pearland eye doctor can provide you with the contact lens exam and fitting that you will need in order to get started.

When it comes to vision correction, the two main tools that people commonly use include prescription eyeglasses and contact lenses. These tools help make up for vision deficiencies by providing the eye with a magnified lens through which to see. Since the quality of your vision has to do with your corneas, the clear portion of the eye just over the pupil, the level of magnification needed will depend on how differently your cornea is shaped and how far your prescription lenses will be from your eyes. Since contact lenses rest directly on the eye itself, an optometrist will first need to determine whether the eye is healthy enough or able to wear contact lenses for extended periods of time and what the exact curvature of the eye is in order to get the right contact lens. Our contact lenses in Pearland eye doctor will also need to determine how strong your contact lenses will need to be. Even if you have an up to date set of prescription eyeglasses, your prescription needs will differ. Once that is complete, we will conduct a contact lens fitting here at Todays Vision Pearland where you can better acquaint yourself with all of the different types of brands of contacts that we carry.

If you are looking for contact lenses, then we can help you here at Todays Vision Pearland. If you need a new set of contacts or want to see if they are right for you, simply call us and schedule an appointment with our contact lenses in Pearland eye doctor today.

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