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Contact Lenses in Pearland

Contact Lenses in Pearland

Pearland Optometrist

If you would like to know more about contact lenses in Pearland, whether you have worn them for years, are a new patient or have been told in the past that your eye condition may not work with a traditional contact lens, our professional and highly trained team will discuss your particular needs after a comprehensive examination at Todays Vision Pearland.  Once our optometrists have confirmed your ability to use contact lenses with your particular eye condition whether prescribed for vision correction, dry eyes, astigmatism, or the need for multifocal points, we can determine the correct lens for your needs.

Among the types of contact lenses in Pearland at Todays Vision Pearland are: daily disposable, two week replacement disposable, one month replacement, conventional or soft, color, and specialty lenses including Toric for Astigmatism and bifocal contact lenses.  The Toric lens are made of the same material as conventional lenses but added features include a specific top and bottom because the shape is not round.  These lenses are customized to fit your specific eye shape and the bottom of the lens may be thicker to keep them in the proper place regardless of blinking.  Bifocal contact lenses are more complex to create and fit to ensure the lens offers the right amount of vision correction in the corresponding area of the eye.  The decision to use contact lenses will also entail thorough fitting exams by the friendly and knowledgeable team at Todays Vision Pearland.  Patients will “try on” their lenses to not only practice proper insertion and removal, but to confirm the accuracy of the prescription and fit.

We will also then review a series of frequently asked questions and concerns with our patients receiving contact lenses in Pearland at Todays Vision Pearland.  The proper care of both your eyes and contact lenses are critical for your eye health and vision.  Parents may inquire about the appropriate age for their child to be able to use contact lenses and we recommend basing the decision around the individual’s abilities and personal hygiene habits more than reaching a biological milestone.  We look forward to offering you more information about contact lenses following an eye exam in our office.  Please contact us either via our website or call (281) 677-2003 and a member of our courteous team will be happy to assist you.

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