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LASIK Procedure in Pearland TX

LASIK surgery in Pearland TX

LASIK procedure in Pearland TX

LASIK procedure in Pearland TX

If you are getting tired of having to put on contacts or eyeglasses first thing in the morning in order to see clearly, you may want to get LASIK surgery. At Today’s Vision Pearland, you can be seen by one of our expert eye doctors, just one of whom is Dr. Dianne B. Dao, and also received a vision-correcting LASIK procedure in Pearland TX.

At our eye care practice, we are very proud to offer iLASIK. This procedure was even approved by NASA as vision correction for our astronauts and Air Force and Navy Pilots. iLASIK is one of the most exciting developments in bladeless laser vision correction. This procedure is not only safe, but it is able to provide more precise laser vision correction for our patients. The LASIK procedure in Pearland TX only takes about 5 minutes per eye. However, you will be at the outpatient surgical center for about two hours due to both pre-op and post-up care. You are a good candidate for this vision correction if your prescription has been stable for at least one year. Patients can have myopia up to -12.00, hyperopia up to +4 and have astigmatism as high as 6.00 diopters. It is also important that you are not pregnant, nursing, have any unstable medical conditions, or any uncontrolled eye diseases. Patients are treated with numbing anesthetic drops before the procedure begins. During the procedure, you may feel a pressure sensation, but you will not feel actual pain in almost all cases. Some patients feel a little discomfort after the procedure, but most patients have an extremely comfortable recovery; over-the-counter pain relievers are usually all that is needed if you are experiencing any discomfort. Usually both eyes are operated on when they are having this iLASIK surgery.

For an appointment to meet with one of our eye doctors to learn more about our new and exciting LASIK procedure in Pearland TX, contact us today.

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