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Ortho-k in Pearland

Ortho-k treatments

Ortho-k in Pearland

Ortho-k in Pearland

Have you heard about Ortho-k treatments to improve vision, and have been wondering how it can help you or a member of your family? If so you will want to visit our practice, Today’s Vision Pearland, and see what you can learn about getting treated with Ortho-k in Pearland.

At Today’s Vision Pearland we have several fine optometrists on staff. Our expert optometrists are: Dr. Dianne B. Dao; Dr. Mintra Sattam; Dr. Atiya Husain; Dr. Mary Shatleh; and Dr. Nicki Wall. When you come for Ortho-k in Pearland, you will be getting a new non-surgical procedure that will eliminate the need for you to wear glasses or daytime contact lenses. Ortho-k treatments will gently reshape the cornea of your eye while you sleep. This is done using special Ortho-k therapeutic contact lenses. One of our optometrists will specially fit you for these lenses which you will wear at bedtime only. During the day you will have clear and sharp vision that requires no vision correction. The effect of Ortho-k lenses only lasts for a day or two, or possibly longer. But for the very best results you will want to wear your Ortho-k lenses every night.

Treatments for Ortho-k in Pearland can correct nearsightedness, farsightedness, astigmatism and presbyopia. This type of treatment is a great alternative to LASIK therapy for patients who don’t want to run the risk of LASIK surgery, or who are too young to get LASIK surgery. The lenses used in Ortho-k treatments are specially designed gas permeable contact lenses – otherwise known as “hard” contacts. Ortho-k treatments have also been used to slow the progression of myopia in children. Treatment for Ortho-k in Pearland can be easily prescribed and individualized so that you or a family member can begin treatment immediately. Ortho-k is short for orthokeratology. Our optometrist will be able to examine your eyes and determine which type of Ortho-k lenses will work best for you. Our optometrist will also be able to determine how much of your refractive eye problem will be able to be corrected by Ortho-k lenses. If you would like an appointment to see one of our fine eye doctors contact Today’s Vision Pearland for an appointment.

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