Maui Jim

mauijim2012MauijimMaui Jim sunglasses block 100% of UV rays up to 400nm.

We can make your glasses with or with out prescription.

With PolarizedPlus2 technology, all three forms of glare (Direct, reflective and bounce back glare) is eliminated, unlike any other lens available.

Maui Jim uses three rare earth elements (neodymium, erbium, praseodymium) to boost the amount and resolution of color your eyes naturally perceive.

More about Maui Jim:

  • mauijim2012In 1980 Maui Jim started their business in Maui Hawaii striving to make the nest sunglasses possible in order to combat the fierce glare on the island.
  • Soon they had developed Polarized Plus; unprecedented technology that
  • Eliminated glare with out compromising color vision.
  • In 1991 Maui Jim launched worldwide and then in 1999 they released Flexon sunglasses – the first on the marker.
  • By 1999 Forbes Magazine names Maui Jim sunglasses in its top “100 things worth every penny.”
  • Maui Jim continues to revolutionize the sunwear world with their technology driven sunwear.



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