Nike Flexon

nikeflexonNike Flexon frames are made of a durable patented metal alloy.

Unlike conventional metal frames, Nike Flexon frames are nearly impossible to twist out of shape and are resistant to metal fatigue.

Flexon frames are perfect for the wearer that appreciates and requires performance; such as athletes and children that are rough with their glasses.

More about Nike Flexon:

  • Flexon Memory Metal revolutionized the eyewear industry, creating an entirely new material category for eyeglass frames.
  • In 1988, the instant success of the Flexon collection allowed for further research that lead to Marchon (Nike) developing products made from Flexon Memory Metal in a variety of stiles and designs.
  • Currently Nike Flexon is the world’s favorite Flexible frame.
  • Flexon Memory Metal is used only in the very best eyewear collections such as Nike, Calvin Klein, Nautica, X Games, Autoflex, Flexon, Flexon for kids, Flexon Suns, Flexon Select, Flexon Magnetics and Tres Jolie with Flexon.




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